Your Work-Breakdown-Structure (WBS)

Make a list of what needs to be done

Estimate the time needed for every task

Create task-containers containing subtasks


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Edit your schedule (Gantt view)

Move tasks int time where you want them to start

Add task dependencies (end-start, end-end, start-start)

Assign resources (manualyl or automatic)


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See overall workload

See workload over all projects

See the over all resource load

(black line is theoretical optimum, green is allocated time, orange are over-allocated resources)

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Resource load view

See in detail who should be doing what and when

Clearly see over-allocated resources.

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Advanced allocation

Tune when needed the allocation of resources

Define "stretches" of resource allocation on projects

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Project Dashboard

Easily see important parameters of a project


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Generate Reports

Select from a number of pre-defined reports

Enter selection parameters

Generate your report

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