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Forget about all the installation and configuration work and obtain a professional and reliable in-house deployment. We install LibrePlan on your environment.

Hardware and Software Requirements

The system requirements for the LibrePlan installation are a recent Debian/Unbuntu server with external connectivity over SSH and a user account with administrator privileges.

A minimum of 2 GB of RAM and a dual-core processor are recommended.

Want to learn LibrePlan quickly? We offer training courses!


Learn how to take full advantage of all the LibrePlan capabilities inside your organization and train your team with courses given by the application main experts.

Choose your training:

          User Training Course

          3 workday sessions of 6 hours each
          Taught on your premises
          Up to 10 attendants
          Includes the book "LibrePlan, the missing manual" for every student
          Includes an exclusive training exercises book, not available elsewhere


          Admin Training Course

          • 1 day training on your premises
          • Taught on your premises
          • Up to 3 attendants
          • Half day spend on installing and set up
          • Half day training on basic usage
          • Includes the book "LibrePlan, the missing manual" for every student


          Custom Training Course

          • Taught on your premises
          • Large accounts only

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          Freedom with LibrePlan in the Cloud

                      LibrePlan Cloud Instances:

                      It's simple, you don't have to care about setting the technical infrastructure, installing or upgrades
                      It's safe, we keep the privacy of your data on a secure environment
                      It's realiable

                      ,back-up your data and provide you with support

                      All hosted plans include:

                      • Unlimited database storage

                      • Unlimited number of projects and tasks

                      • Upgrades to new versions

                      • back-ups of your data

                      • SSL Secured connection

                      Supported browsers:

                      Chrome and Chromium



                      LibrePlan, being free software, allows you to customize, adapt or develop new features not included in the standard product. A perfect solution when your organization has specific needs for a project management solution.

                      Hesitant to do that? Hire us to do it for you!

                      We are the LibrePlan developers, the most experienced people 

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                      Hire us to help you get the most out of Libreplan by linking it with other applications of your IT infrastructure. We have expertise in:
                      • Defining business processes to plan, monitor and control a company using LibrePlan, taking into account the special characteristics of your organization
                      • Analysing and designing how to introduce LibrePlan into the company information technology architecture

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